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Cole Hails Passage of "Path to Prosperity" Budget

March 29, 2012
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Tom Cole (OK-04) released the following statement after the House of Representatives approved H.Con.Res. 112, the "Path to Prosperity" Budget Resolution setting spending limits for 2013. The House Republican budget cuts $5 trillion, protects defense funding, reforms the tax system, and brings needed reforms to health and retirement security programs. Cole also voted in favor of the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” Budget. This budget plan was introduced by the Republican Study Committee, a caucus of House conservatives of which he is a member.

Cole is a member of the House Budget Committee.

"House Republicans demonstrated real leadership today in passing the only serious plan to prevent a catastrophic debt crisis. While President Obama and Senate Democrats remain on the sidelines, House Republicans are taking decisive action to address the nation's urgent economic challenges.

"Conservatives have offered not one but two plans to balance the budget. Both the Ryan Budget and the Republican Study Committee Budget make the tough choices necessary to cut the deficit and avoid bankrupting our children and grandchildren.

"Every year we wait to get government spending under control, the national debt becomes even harder to solve. The Path to Prosperity Budget puts the nation on the track to fiscal sanity, and congressional Democrats owe it to the American people to stop standing in the way of progress."