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Cole: Hobby Lobby Doesn’t Stand Alone

March 25, 2014
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tom Cole (OK-04) released the following statement after the Supreme Court’s oral argument, Sebelius, Sec. of HHS v. Hobby Stores, Inc.
“During our country’s beginnings, our founders recognized the importance of establishing, protecting and preserving certain rights for all Americans,” said Cole. “For generations, these unique liberties in our Bill of Rights have been the bedrock of our country and given assurance and peace of mind to citizens holding a variety of opinions and beliefs. But the president’s healthcare law jeopardizes our foundational freedom of religion by requiring business to offer health plans that cover contraceptives, even if business owners consider the use of birth control or abortifacients morally objectionable or violating their religious convictions.
“Hobby Lobby has long been known in Oklahoma and across the country for incorporating faith when running its many stores and businesses. For that reason, the Green family has always been respected in their community and loved by their many employees. Due to the contraceptive mandate, this family is now faced with a choice between violating the law or abandoning their deeply-held religious convictions. This is a choice they never should be forced to make.
“Today we watched the Green family stand not only for the preservation of religious liberty in their faith-based business but also for the preservation of that freedom for all Americans. And they didn’t stand alone. As the Court deliberates, I hope they recognize that this decision was already answered years ago when our forefathers penned the first line in the Bill of Rights.”