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Defense Appropiations Funds Oklahoma Specific Projects

July 11, 2003
Press Release

Washington D.C. – Congressman Tom Cole announced today that the House approved a number of new projects that would pump millions of dollars into Oklahoma's economy. Congressman Cole was able to include these projects specifically for Oklahoma in the FY 2004 Defense Appropriation Bill(H.R. 2658) passed in the House 399-19.  

"These projects will be a great boost for Oklahoma, and will also help create a better, more effective and efficient military. Constantly keeping up with the latest technology and providing our men and women in uniform with the resources they need to defend our country is the number one responsibility of our government. I am pleased that the House has taken us a step closer to bringing these projects to Oklahoma," Congressman Cole said.

The following have been included in the FY 2004 Appropriation Bill:

  • $5 Million for Operations and Maintenance for the Air Force's L-SMART (Logistics-System Management and Retrieval Technology) Information System. This system is needed to reduce the time personnel spend accessing databases for functions such as time keeping, material ordering, parts inventory and control of non-conforming material.
  • $3 Million in RDTE (Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation) for the Air Force's Tele-operated Semiautonomous Robot/Aging Aircraft Maintenance Program. Because current procedures are costly and extremely hazardous, this technology would work inside fuel tanks of B-52H's to remove the older fuel tank coatings and apply a new coating.
  • $7.5 Million for Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities.
  • $2 Million in RDTE for Defense Wide for the Diminishing Manufacturing Source Program.
  • $5 Million for the procurement of E-8 Joint STARS Engines, which will provide funds to purchase new engines.
  • $3 Million in RDTE, Defense-Wide for Improved Suborbital Operations. This funds a program <>in the Norman area to do suborbital reconnaissance.
  • $2 Million in RDTE for a project under the Air Force for the Center for Aircraft and System/Support Infrastructure. These funds will be used to create supportive infrastructure requirements for aircraft.

The FY2004 Defense Appropriation Bill designated over $369 billion in funds to provide equipment and training for the ongoing War on Terrorism, medical care for service members, veterans and their families and equipment maintenance and improvements. The bill will now go to the Senate for further consideration.

"We have a great responsibility to the men and women who every day make sacrifices on behalf of our country. This bill sets the right priorities by focusing on support for our service members, defending our homeland and increasing our combat capabilities," Cole said.