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President Presents Fiscal 2004 Budget, Shows Agenda with Spending Priorities

February 3, 2003
Press Release

Washington D.C. – President Bush stressed the need for bipartisan support to disarm Saddam Hussein, reiterated his agenda for economic growth and discussed his budget priorities for the 2004 Fiscal Year at a lunch at the White House for the Freshman Class of the108th Congress. Congressman Tom Cole joined new colleagues from both parties at the informal luncheon.

"The President clearly showed his passion and priorities to the new members of Congress today at the White House. I think it is good that both parties got to see his true commitment to the War on Terrorism and dedication to the AIDS initiative he introduced during the State of the Union," Congressman Tom Cole said. "These are, of course, issues that are vitally important to the quality of life for Americans and those around the world."

President Bush also discussed the agenda for the week from the release of his proposed Budget for Fiscal 2004, a memorial in Texas dedicated to the astronauts on the Columbia Shuttle Orbiter and Colin Powell's presentation of the case against Iraq at the UN on Wednesday.

"President Bush has given Congress many good responsible ideas in his budget proposal. I am particularly pleased with the increase in funds for the Department of Defense, veteran's health care and the increase in funds for higher education. These are things that are especially important to Oklahomans. The proposed increase in the Department of Veteran Affairs is the largest increase ever proposed by a President. I believe his budget shows that Bush wants what is best for the American people."

"I am looking forward to working to pass a budget that coincides with the agenda of the President. His plan will be a starting point for members to begin discussion and debate. I continue to believe this can be an especially productive and important session of Congress."