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Rep. Cole Introduces Legislation to Defund Spending Abuses

June 24, 2009
Press Release

Says "Taxpayer Payouts for Political Party Conventions and Presidential Elections Must Come to an End"

WASHINGTON – Today Congressman Tom Cole (OK-04) introduced two bills that seek to eliminate federal programs that currently use taxpayer dollars.  Cole's first bill would terminate taxpayer financing of presidential election campaigns.  The second bill would prohibit the use of public funding for political party conventions.

"Washington spending is out of control," Congressman Cole said.  "I believe most Americans would be shocked and appalled to know exactly how much of their federal tax dollars are used to fund political party conventions and presidential election campaigns.   Frankly, this is an inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars - a practice that should have ended long ago."

"I'm proud to join with other members of the Sunset Caucus to identify and eliminate wasteful programs like these.  There are too many federal programs that the government has no business funding and these two are certainly among them."

Cole is a member of the Republican Study Committee's "Sunset Caucus," a group that attempts to abolish unnecessary government programs.  Cole's bills are part of a larger initiative, lead by Reps. Kevin Brady (TX-08) and Jason Chaffetz (UT-03) to strike-out wasteful programs from the federal budget.  Congressman Jim Jordan (OH-04) is an original co-sponsor of both bills.