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Cole Calls for Passage of Budget

March 28, 2012

I rise to support the Ryan budget. I do so with a great deal of pride. It's the only serious plan either party has put forward that deals with the looming debt crisis we face. It cuts $5.3 trillion dollars over the next decade. It reforms Medicare and Medicaid -- something everybody in this House knows needs to happen. It lays out the blueprint for tax reform. It deals with the sequester in a responsible way. It forces the authorizing committees to finally begin to deal with the entitlement crisis we face, and it adds $200 billion back to Defense spending over the next decade, -- something my colleague, Mr. Calvert, pointed out is very much in our national interest.

This budget is politically viable. It passed the House last year, it will pass the House this year. Frankly, it got more votes in the United States Senate last year than any budget presented by anybody. Let's contrast that with our friends on the other side. The president's budget got zero votes in the United States Senate, a body his party controls. Our friends in the Senate haven't produced a budget in three consecutive years. Our friends on the other side didn't do so when they were in the majority, didn't do so last year. I'm delighted they'll do so this year. I think that's a step in the right direction, but that budget is largely silent on entitlement reform. My main criticism of all the Democratic budgets is not that they can't pass, it's that they're simply not serious. They don't deal with the problems that the country is facing. In my experience, Madam Speaker, a plan beats no plan.

Our friends on the other side have no plan. We do. It's a plan we should embrace enthusiastically to avert the crisis that faces our country. With that, I urge its passage and yield back the balance of my time.