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Cole on Congress with guest Chairman Pete Sessions

December 22, 2017
Cole On Congress
Washington, D.C. - Congressman Tom Cole (OK-04) recently filmed another episode of his television and web show, Cole on Congress for December 2017. This month’s program featured an interview with Chairman Pete Sessions, who represents the 32nd District of Texas and currently serves as the Chairman of the House Rules Committee. Elected in 1996, Sessions was a businessman before running for public office. He is the proud father of a child with Down syndrome and is a strong advocate for the disabled community. Sessions has served as Chairman of the Rules Committee since 2013, and Congressman Cole has served with him since then.
On winning his first Congressional election, Sessions states his goal was to make the country a better place coupled with Republican ideals:
“Upon winning, I came to Washington looking to make our country better and stronger. [I] deeply believed that the biggest problem we have in this country is big government. The biggest threat to freedom is big government. And I’ve believed that throughout my career along with other things and believe that the Republican Party and Conservative philosophy offers the best way to move forward.”
Sessions is the father of a child with Down syndrome and advocates for funding research for the Down syndrome community and many other medical initiatives. During his tenure in Congress, he has been able to serve in many capacities in supporting the medical research community:
“I have a Down syndrome son – Alexander Gregory Sessions. Down syndrome young man, Eagle Scout cool guy. But it throws me in the midst of this disability. What really is a thrust is that Congress must be engaged in making sure that we have more research and development…I’m the retina guy in Congress. I understand about photoreceptor cells and how we need to bring sight to people. I understand the disability community with Down syndrome…my service in Congress is about helping other people.”
As the Chairman of the Rules Committee, Sessions has the unique position to see every piece of legislation before it goes to the House Floor for a vote. On having that responsibility, Sessions states:
“I’ve tried my best throughout all these years being on the Rules Committee to make sure we looked at all the avenues, tried to be fair to allow every side to make its argument – which for a number of years…lots of times is hurry up and get through it. I want people who I believe are Members of Congress to be able to represent people and their ideas. And I think almost every person I listen to, I hear at least shreds of evidence that some of their ideas, if not all their ideas, could be included in a bill and it’s important that we listen.”
To watch the full show of Congressman Cole’s conversation with Chairman Sessions, please click here.