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Biden’s “Build Back Socialist” Plan

November 1, 2021
Weekly Columns

For the last several weeks, Democrats in Congress have tried and continuously failed to settle disputes within their own caucus on a multi-trillion-dollar spending bill, reflective of President Joe Biden’s socialist “Build Back Better” plan. While the legislation’s price tag has remained an ongoing point of contention between the radical left and moderate factions of the Democratic party, don’t be fooled into thinking that a lower price tag would result in a good bill. Regardless of the initial price tag, any such package that seeks to enact the president’s damaging policies would alter American society as we know it – and not for the better.

In a mad dash to supposedly cut the cost of the overall package, it’s important to recognize that Democrats aren’t seeking to eliminate the creation of many of their proposed programs to do so. Instead, they are aiming to either reduce the number of years funded at the start or eventually forcing the burden of paying for certain programs to the states. This should alarm every American since a package at any cost would still drastically expand the welfare state, massively increase taxes and destroy jobs for hardworking Americans, cause inflation to soar even higher and lead to heightened government control. 

Furthermore, the surreptitious process by which Democrats are attempting to advance their socialist package is a disgrace. Although the 14 committees with various jurisdiction previously worked through aspects of the reconciliation legislation, including report of a final package from the House Budget Committee, that version has essentially been discarded and rewritten behind closed doors by Democratic leadership. And it’s still unclear what the final version of the text will be even though Speaker Nancy Pelosi directed the House Rules Committee to start preparing the package for floor consideration last week despite continued disagreement on the final details. Democrats convened the panel just an hour after a new iteration of the text was released, which made it impossible to have adequate time to review and understand the nearly 1,700 pages. Especially on such a society-altering piece of legislation, this rushed and disordered approach to advancing legislation is unacceptable and is an absolute disservice to the American people.

While the final bill remains a mystery, even to Democrats, I am alarmed by the harmful policies likely to be contained within it. These include – but certainly are not limited to – prolonging our labor shortage by continuing welfare benefits without work requirements, granting amnesty to nearly eight million illegal immigrants, increasing energy dependence on OPEC, Russia and China and increasing out of pocket costs on prescription drugs.

If passed, the legislation, in any future form, would turn America into a big government socialist nation overnight. We have seen time and time again that, when big government gets out of the way, we can expand our economy, grow small businesses and allow Americans to build better lives for themselves. I hope Democrats realize the damage of this unprecedented tax-and-spend bill and reverse course.