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Cherish Liberty

July 4, 2016
Weekly Columns
For 240 years, the ideal of liberty has been engrained in America’s foundation. The words that were written so simply yet eloquently to establish a Republic and a Declaration of Independence have fundamentally been the guiding force in America’s story. Our fundamental right to express ourselves is the basis of practicing our freedom, and it should never be taken for granted. As we reflect on America’s Independence Day, we must remember the vision that our Founding Fathers had for our country – a country that remains at the forefront of liberty and stands strong with freedom and independence.
As Americans, we enjoy so many liberties that many places throughout the world will never know. As affirmed in the Declaration of Independence, we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, among many others. The joys that we experience everyday are because our Founding Fathers envisioned a nation prosperous with ideas, commerce, and equality so that the people could be free to live their lives without fear. Our nation’s history is rich with innovations and triumphs, and we should be proud of the example that the United States has set for the rest of the world.
In today’s society, we are sadly witnessing the disbanding of democratic values in some countries. And because of this, our nation becomes a target for those who want to destroy our own American values.  There are dangers unseen in this world, and we must remain united to uphold our principles and beliefs so we can fight any battle that may come our way. As a leader in the world we must continue to be judicious and firm to show other nations that we will not tolerate those who seek to cause us harm.
In light of recent events, we are reminded that our freedom isn’t free. Our military stands strong as the greatest one in the world, and continues to be our ultimate defense every day. So many brave men and women have gone before us in the name of our nation’s freedom. They have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy our natural God given rights. For 240 years, our men and women in uniform have defended and protected our borders, our families, our homes, our government, our free will, and countless other things that we cherish as a free people.
It is incredible to realize that what our Founding Fathers established was a government designed to uphold its purpose for years beyond measure. What they valued then, still holds value today. For generations, America will remain the embodiment of free society. Every Independence Day, we will remember these ideals of freedom, and honor those who fight to preserve them.