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Unfinished Business

September 5, 2016
Weekly Columns

It’s been a great month in the Fourth District, and I enjoyed updating everyone with the work we’re doing in DC. And now it’s time to continue our work and get back to some unfinished business. As the Members of Congress descend back to Washington, we’re aware that there are things we’ve got to do, and there’s no time to waste in completing our tasks. From battling Zika to funding the government, everyone on both sides of the aisle have got some things to prioritize.


Unfortunately, in the height of the summer heat, Democrats in the Senate left our nation in a health crisis. More than $1.1 billion of funding was pushed from the House to the Senate to kick-start the long fight against Zika. Out of punitive concern over certain segments of a comprehensive funding bill, the Democrats have repeatedly blocked any money going towards Zika. And not only have they blocked Zika funding, they have also blocked funding for our veterans and military projects. This bill is still critical to our agencies who seek to eradicate this disease – and the sooner, the better and faster it can be done. The Senate needs to recognize the urgency of passing this conference bill, instead of putting this off every week until it’s too late.


Congress is also faced with the duty to fund our many government agencies and programs, and to work towards a balanced budget for our nation. We’ve already had some successes in passing important appropriations bills this year, but we are still left with a large chunk of work to get done before the nation’s hard deadline: October 1st. In order to accomplish our goals in a short amount of time, lawmakers need to be thoughtful in their decisions to keep our government from shutting down. 


I personally favor a short term Continuing Resolution that will fund the government just beyond the elections to allow Congress to return in November and December and pass a year long Appropriations bill that takes a government shut down off the table.


Amongst the fervent political discourse throughout our nation today, we still have a job to do. Our country must continue to run efficiently, and much of it relies on its government to be responsible and come through with its promise to continually fund important programs and agencies. We must give the people the confidence that their leaders will responsibly take care of their business.