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Congressman Cole Shows Support for Teachers, Administrators, Staff from Impacted Schools

May 4, 2004
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Cole showed support for teachers and staff who educate the children of members of the Armed Services by voting for H. Res. 598. This resolution that passed in the House today recognizes the contributions of teachers, administration and other staff members of Military Impacted Schools.

"Teachers and other staff members in schools serving military installations work on the front lines at home to educate students during times of peace and times of conflict," Congressman Tom Cole said. "Because my father was in the military, I personally benefited from this program when I was a kid and I still believe in its importance. Educators and other school personal are vital to the success of our students. And those working in military serving schools have an important mission-to meet the needs of our soldiers' families."

The Impact Aid program provides support for military impacted schools.  Approximately 650,000 military children are in public schools across the United States. Department of Defense Education Activity schools in the United States and overseas serve 100,500 military children.

"Children from military families experience different pressures than their peers. These schools understand that stress and help provide students a sense of safety and reassurance," Congressman Cole said. "These schools understand the importance of providing a normal environment and regular routine before learning can take place."

Schools serving military installations can offer increased counseling for military children due to the deployment of family members. These teachers and counselors are trained to work with military children and their classmates when there is a service-related incident or death. 

Congressman Cole is working to provide additional funding for Impact Aid in Oklahoma schools.

"I am also supporting legislation (H.R. 566) that would amend the current Impact Aid formula to give more money to school districts that do not receive fair funding under the present formula," Congressman Cole said. "We have many children and families in Okalahoma who rely on these funds for an education. We must ensure that teachers and administrators serving Impact Aid schools have the resources they need."