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Congressman Cole Votes for Defense Funding Bill

June 22, 2004
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Cole voted today for the FY2005 Defense Appropriations Bill, H.R. 4613, that increases funding for the Department of Defense and provides the resources necessary for the troops to fight the Global War on Terrorism. Congressman Cole was able to secure $18 million in funding for Oklahoma projects in this legislation.

"I am very pleased with the funds included in this legislation for Oklahoma projects. Not only will they benefit our state economically, the fact that they are included shows the confidence Congress and the Department of Defense have in our instillations and in our state," Congressman Cole said. "I will be working to make sure these funds are included in the Senate legislation and the Defense Appropriations Conference Report. And, I will continue working to include funds for additional Oklahoma projects."

Following are highlights of the fund included in the FY2005 Defense Appropriations bill for Oklahoma.

  • $4 million for Excalibur Life Cycle Improvements. These funds will increase production quantities and create economic efficiencies for Excalibur artillery munitions;
  • $3 million to help integrate Excalibur Munition with Paladin in the Fort Sill area;
  • $5 million for the AN-ALQ-172 Airborne Electronic Attack Upgrades (AEA). The ALQ-172 provides the B-52H with the only already installed reduced risk Airborne Electronic Attack receiver;
  • $3 million for Airborne Infrared Surveillance System in the Tulsa area for intercepts for missile defense;  
  • $3 million for a research program at The University of Oklahoma for suborbital rockets.

"The FY2005 Defense Appropriations bill fully funds a number of force protection items for the troops who are in combat and extends and funds various enhanced health care and pay benefits for members of the military," Congressman Tom Cole said.

H.R. 4613 includes $25 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and over $391 billion for the overall Defense budget. This legislation must now pass in the Senate.

Highlights of the Defense Appropriations bill include:

  • Support for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and fight the Global War on Terrorism;
  • Increased growth in the Intelligence budget and maintain the overall readiness of DoD forces worldwide;
  • Fully funds military pay, benefits, and medical programs;
  • Starts a major initiative to recapitalize Army and Marine Corps ground forces;
  • Supports the initial deployment of national missile defenses and continue investment in theater missile defenses;
  • Continues production of major platforms such as the Virginia class submarine, the C-17, C-130, and V-22 transport aircraft, and the F/A-18 and F/A-22 fighter aircraft; and
  • Provides program increases in support of “military transformation”, while making measured adjustments to ensure that future costs, as well as development, testing, and production profiles, are efficiently managed.