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Congressman Tom Cole

Representing the 4th District of Oklahoma

Congressman Cole Votes to Support US Troops and a More Secure Iraq

October 17, 2003
Press Release

Washington DC- Congressman Cole voted today to provide $87 billion to support U.S. troops and rebuild Iraq. This funding request is a major part of the strategy enabling American troops and their coalition partners to create a stable government and ensure that the Iraqi people are free and prosperous. Once this goal is achieved coalition forces can begin to leave Iraq. 

      "The funds in the supplemental appropriation will be used to improve security in Iraq and Afghanistan by aggressively hunting down terrorists and enabling Iraq and Afghanistan to become free, democratic and stable nations," Congressman Cole said. "Every penny spent wisely in Iraq and Afghanistan is a dollar invested in our own security."

      The first part of this package includes $66 billion to supply American forces and to bring them home as quickly as possible. In addition to this aid to our troops, the package also contains $21 billion to rebuild Iraq's infrastructure, establish a free government and create the Iraqi security forces needed to protect the country.

     "Although it took only three weeks to reach Baghdad and demolish Saddam's control, the work in Iraq is far from finished," Congressman Cole said.  "The concern now is that terrorists and Saddam loyalists will have free reign in Iraq unless a government and working society is established.  The United States and our allies are working to confront these terrorists where they live, rather than leaving them in their safe havens to gather strength, disrupt the region and threaten our own security."