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KTUL: U. S. Rep. Tom Cole comments on major issues facing Washington

June 16, 2019
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KTUL - Mireya Garcia

Fox 25 sat down with U.S. Representative Tom Cole (R-OK 4th District) Sunday to discuss major topics in Washington, and how they might impact Oklahomans.

Two major topics at the U.S. Legislature right now include immigration issues and international relations with Iran.

In this exclusive interview Cole tells Fox 25 that compromise has been difficult to come by, and that means important decisions are being delayed.

“We've got a stand-off on the border situation. Part of that relates to Congress's unwillingness, so far, to provide the resources that the President needs. He has requested 4.5 billion dollars. We have a real humanitarian crisis, quite frankly,” says Cole.

We now know there are plans to house immigrant children at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. The U.S. Representative calls the housing of children 17 and under at an Oklahoma military installation regrettable, but says it's been done before, back in 2014, successfully.

“It is not something that lasts indefinitely, but you've got to have a place for these folks to be. The biggest concern that I have right now is that, again, congress is not giving the money that it is going to take, and Human Services has told us that they will be out of money by the end of this month at the latest,” says Cole.

Iran is top of mind on the international front. Cole calls the current American relationship with Iran, a volatile situation.

“We could find ourselves both in a military confrontation with Iran. Iran could find itself in a military confrontation with other countries, as well. we are not the only people interested in the safe flow of oil,” says Cole.

Cole makes clear that armed conflict with Iran is not the goal, that a response may be unavoidable at some point. The U.S did recently release video it says shows an attack on oil tankers, and said that Iran was responsible. Cole adds that he does expect a potential spike in oil prices if the tensions with Iran continue, or if we see armed conflict.

Next-- Representative Cole says he plans to travel with a delegation abroad, he says it is with the goal of strengthening alliances in Europe, Australia, and Singapore.

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