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Congressman Cole Sends Aid to Troops

October 31, 2003
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Cole voted today to provide $87.5 billion to support U.S. troops and rebuild Iraq. This funding request is vital to American troops and their coalition partners in their efforts to create a stable government and ensure that the Iraqi people are free and prosperous. Once this goal is achieved coalition forces can begin to leave Iraq.  The conference report passed in the House and will now go to the Senate before it is sent to the President.

"I am very pleased that the funds designated for Iraq relief and reconstruction were made a grant instead of a loan. In a recent Congressional trip to Iraq, I witnessed the great poverty the Iraqis are suffering," Congressman Tom Cole said. "It would be devastating to their rebuilding efforts to burden them with additional loans."

The conference report increases funds to purchase Special Armor Plate Inserts, funds to clear unexploded ordnances and to increase production of other force protection measures such as armored Humvees and electronic jammers. It also authorizes continued increased monthly rate of Imminent Danger Pay and Family Separation Allowances through September 30, 2004.

"Even more so now after my trip to Iraq, I am convinced that we are doing the right thing in that country. Every penny spent wisely in Iraq and Afghanistan is a dollar invested in our own security," Congressman Cole said. "The troops need these funds to finish their mission safely and the Iraqi people need these funds to rebuild their country after the years and years of neglect by Saddam."