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Weekly Columns

April 5, 2010 Weekly Columns

At town hall meetings throughout the 4th District this week, I’ve been hearing a lot from my fellow Oklahomans about how troubled they are with the direction of the country.  There is a growing sense that the government is greatly overstepping its traditional role and encroaching more and more into citizens’ daily lives.  The new health care law is just the latest and most obvious example of th

March 29, 2010 Weekly Columns

Many Oklahomans are understandably concerned about the health care takeover President Obama signed into law last week and what it will mean for them.  Some of the more jaw-dropping aspects of the law -- like the $569 billion in tax hikes and $523 billion in Medicare cuts -- have been extensively covered in the news.  But other provisions that have not received as much attention are just as dama

March 22, 2010 Weekly Columns

After over one year and an extraordinary abuse of the legislative process, President Obama has managed to force his health plan through the House.  While he and his liberal allies may consider this a victory, it's a defeat for the American people, the economy, and our health care system.

March 15, 2010 Weekly Columns

With headlines dominated by the Democratic party’s single-minded determination to pass their unpopular health care plan, vital economic issues are getting short shrift.  That’s fine for members of the Obama administration, who would probably just as soon the American people not learn the full extent of the damage their policies are inflicting on our national economy.

March 8, 2010 Weekly Columns

The process Democrats are pursuing to pass government-run health care has become as flawed as the legislation itself.  And that's really saying something.  From the beginning, the attempt to force through a government takeover of health care has been marked by disregard for the views of the American people.  Now, Democratic leaders are disregarding standard legislative procedures and well-estab

March 1, 2010 Weekly Columns

Last week, we were treated to another episode of political theater, courtesy of the Obama administration.  The vaunted White House health care summit featured the same themes we've come to expect from previous performances: a partisan political ploy presented as bipartisan dialogue, and big government, big spending policies masquerading as reform. 

February 22, 2010 Weekly Columns

When faced with a $212 billion budget deficit in 1985, President Reagan proposed 245 specific cuts to reduce unnecessary government spending.  Having created a 2010 budget deficit of $1.6 trillion, President Obama’s response is to form a debt commission to study the issue.  

February 12, 2010 Weekly Columns

Almost exactly a year after seeing 787 billion of their tax dollars evaporate courtesy of a so-called “stimulus bill,” Americans are justifiably running out of patience and asking “Where are the jobs?”  President Obama and congressional Democrats rushed the stimulus bill through Congress last February amid dire predictions that failure to pass the bill would result in double-digit unemployment,

February 1, 2010 Weekly Columns

The agenda President Obama outlined in his State of the Union address essentially promises more of the same:  more spending, more burdens on American businesses, and more symbolic measures that do nothing to provide real solutions to the challenges we face. 

January 25, 2010 Weekly Columns

The outrage against nationalized health care has reached the voting booth -- and in dramatic fashion.  Last week, Massachusetts voters stunned the nation by electing Republican Scott Brown to the Senate seat held for nearly 47 years by Ted Kennedy.  This bluest of blue states voted overwhelmingly for President Obama in 2008 and had not elected a Republican to the Senate in decades.  With Tuesda