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Weekly Columns

June 10, 2009 Weekly Columns

This week Congress is gearing up to consider a troop funding bill.  This legislation, an emergency War Supplemental, will provide the resources needed by the men and women serving in the Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.  But members of House leadership have taken the military funding bill and piled on an additional $108 billion for the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  I believe that if

May 12, 2009 Weekly Columns

Most Americans agree that our country must do more to achieve energy independence and to produce cleaner sources of energy.  There are steps we need to implement over time to change the way we use energy and reduce our use of some types of carbon-based fuels.  But if a radical proposal being organized by the President and liberals in Congress becomes law, American families and businesses will s

May 5, 2009 Weekly Columns

Our nation's troubled financial industry has spurred calls for greater transparency, tougher accounting rules and greater oversight by federal regulatory agencies.  Given what we now know about the irresponsible - and sometimes criminal - behavior of the executives of many of these institutions, such calls are justified.  But there is another, larger, more powerful and less transparent institut

April 22, 2009 Weekly Columns

During the past two weeks I hosted a series of town halls throughout the Fourth District.  These meetings were an important opportunity for me to listen, take questions and provide answers directly to my constituents.

March 30, 2009 Weekly Columns

The nation's capitol has recently been caught up in controversy surrounding Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and American International Group (AIG).  In what many are calling "bonus-gate," it was revealed that after receiving an additional thirty billion dollars in government bail out funds, AIG awarded 169 million dollars in bonuses to their top executives.  The public outrage over this caused

March 17, 2009 Weekly Columns

Democrats in Congress recently introduced the so-called Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a bill more accurately described as "card check" legislation.  The bill is a payback for years of big labor lobbying from unions and labor activists' groups.  Those groups have taken their case to Capitol Hill claiming that card check legislation is necessary to protect workers' free choice of whether or no

March 9, 2009 Weekly Columns

Coming on the heels of a $789 billion stimulus package, and a $410 billion Omnibus spending bill, President Obama has now presented the nation with the largest federal budget in our nation's history.  The staggering $3.5 trillion budget proposal will raise taxes, grow the size of government and increase our deficits over the next ten years.

February 17, 2009 Weekly Columns

In late January, the Democrat Members of the House of Representatives brought forth a so-called stimulus bill with a price tag of nearly $820 billion dollars.  I voted against this legislation, as did each and every other Republican Member of Congress.  While our economy is certainly in need of stimulation, most economists agree that the best way to achieve this is by cutting taxes and making i

February 5, 2009 Weekly Columns

The last several weeks have seen a whirlwind of Presidential appointments and Senate confirmations to many of the federal government's top posts.  While most of the President's nominations have survived the scrutiny, several others have turned belly-up during the process.  Three individuals in particular, Tom Daschle, Nancy Killefer and Tim Geithner, have all been tainted by tax problems during

January 28, 2009 Weekly Columns

We are facing a global recession and a federal response is needed.  But the so-called stimulus package that was recently passed busts the federal budget while doing next-to-nothing to truly stimulate our economy.  Congress just spent 300 percent more on this legislation than was spent in all of World War II, and a staggering 1200 percent more than was spent during the New Deal.  And while the l