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Congressman Tom Cole

Representing the 4th District of Oklahoma

Weekly Columns

September 10, 2007 Weekly Columns

A critical deadline is approaching that will affect Oklahomans traveling by air within the Western Hemisphere. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced that anyone leaving the U.S. on or after October 1st will be required to show their passport to reenter the country.

September 3, 2007 Weekly Columns

Next week Congress will receive the long awaited and eagerly anticipated progress report from General David Petraeus regarding the impact of the recently enacted “surge” in Iraq.  As the Commander of the multi-nation force in Iraq, General Petraeus is in a unique position to help craft American policy in Iraq.  And as one of our nation’s most highly respected soldiers, with a reputation for hon

August 27, 2007 Weekly Columns

Over the past two weeks I have seen several exciting developments that are coming to the Fourth District of Oklahoma. In fact, last week I attended the kick-off ceremony in the future home of the Non-Line of Sight Cannon (NLOS-C) integration facility. The location in Elgin was chosen collectively by the U.S. Army, Boeing and BAE Systems as the site for this integration facility.

August 20, 2007 Weekly Columns

August is a time that I always look forward to. In Congress, it is traditionally a period of recess from work in Washington for the month, which allows me the opportunity to return home to Oklahoma. It is a pleasant break from Washington-style politics, and I am pleased that it gives me a chance to reconnect face-to-face with Oklahomans from the Fourth District.

August 13, 2007 Weekly Columns

In a rare moment of bipartisan common sense, Congress recently passed landmark legislation that will make the United States safer against those who wish us harm.  This important policy change was passed in the form of the Protect America Act of 2007.  This bill amended outdated intelligence laws and gave America's intelligence community the legal ability to use innovative information-gathering

July 23, 2007 Weekly Columns

Last week, the Director of the National Intelligence Council (NIC) presented a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) to the President and the Congress.  The findings in this document highlight, among other things, the escalating threat that our nation faces from terrorist groups and their cells, particularly Al-Qaeda.  Intelligence officials are struggling to take the necessary steps to ward off

July 16, 2007 Weekly Columns

Recently, I sent a letter to the President calling for flood assistance for Comanche county in accordance with Governor Henry’s emergency disaster declaration request.  Pottawatomie, Comanche, Ottawa, and Washington counties are included in the initial request.  Due to the intensity of flooding, it is difficult for local governments to make repairs without supplemental assistance from the Feder

July 11, 2007 Weekly Columns

Last week, millions of Americans across the nation gathered together to celebrate Independence Day.  Though the traditions of this holiday never fail to trumpet the accomplished past and the promising future of the United States, what is the present-day state of American affairs?  Considering the recent holiday, I think it is important to reflect upon the current status of America and the Congr

June 18, 2007 Weekly Columns

Each year Congress considers 11 or more appropriations bills which provide funding for numerous activities like national defense, education, homeland security and crime. Earmarking refers to a provision in legislation, in this case appropriations bills, which direct funds to be spent on specific projects. Typically, legislators seek to insert earmarks which direct funding to a particular projec

May 29, 2007 Weekly Columns

America is a land of opportunity. And we are also a country that has always been comprised of immigrants searching for the promise of the American Dream.