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Congressman Tom Cole

Representing the 4th District of Oklahoma

Weekly Columns

June 27, 2017 Weekly Columns
The last time Congress made significant changes in the tax code, Ronald Reagan was president. A lot has changed since then, and it is long overdue for an overhaul of the tax code that reflects our changing economy, trade practices and societal priorities.
June 19, 2017 Weekly Columns
Since becoming president, Donald Trump has consistently vowed to rebuild our national defense and to improve the services we render to our veterans. Last week, the House of Representatives took the first step for helping the president make good on that promise. When it comes to funding veterans’ programs, our nation spends more on veterans than any other country in the world.
June 12, 2017 Weekly Columns
President Trump has come under fire recently because of his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. I believe he was right to do so. The agreement would have damaged the U.S.
June 5, 2017 Weekly Columns
This week, the House of Representatives will consider legislation that will provide badly needed regulatory relief to community banks, credit unions and consumers. The Financial CHOICE Act (Creating Hope and Opportunity for Investors, Consumers and Entrepreneurs) will fundamentally alter the Dodd-Frank Act, which was enacted in 2010 in response to the financial crises of 2007-2008.
May 29, 2017 Weekly Columns

Last week, Donald Trump wrapped up his first foreign trip as President of the United States. His travels took him to the centers of the world's three predominant monotheistic religions, at each of which the President mixed traditional diplomacy with his own unique approach to politics and public policy.

May 22, 2017 Weekly Columns

For nearly eight years Republicans have made repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, one of the central tenets of their campaign. President Trump also made repealing the ACA central to his campaign. During that time, Democrats lost over 900 state legislative seats, 12 governors, 69 U.S.

May 15, 2017 Weekly Columns
President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey has predictably brought howls of protest from leading Democrats in Congress. To be fair, the timing and process of terminating Director Comey could have certainly been handled better, but the shameless hypocrisy of the Democratic leadership in Congress goes beyond the pale.
May 8, 2017 Weekly Columns
In what has become an all too familiar exercise, last week Congress passed a Consolidated Appropriations bill, sometimes known as an Omnibus, at the 11th hour thereby narrowly averting a government shutdown. This legislation extended funding for the remainder of the 2017 Fiscal Year. It is work that should have, and could have, been completed last Decem
May 1, 2017 Weekly Columns
In 1945, following the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II, the Korean peninsula was divided on the 38th parallel with the southern portion occupied by the United States and the northern potion occupied by the Soviet Union. The arrangement was intended to be temporary until a reunification could be negotiated.
April 24, 2017 Weekly Columns
This past week marked the twenty second anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. That day is still fresh in my memory.